Cover letter content, wording and formating options

The cover letter is a letter of introduction also referred to as motivational letter, motivation letter, or a letter of motivation.   The cover letter is an appropriate way for job seekers to introduce themselves to potential employers. In a nutshell: you should state your qualifications and convince them that you are the best suitable candidate for ...
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Formal visa invitation letter

The formal visa invitation letter is a necessary part in process of visa application. Although by writing a formal visa invitation letter you are not legally responsible for the visitor once they arrive in destination country you should state truthful information and promises that you fully intend to keep. There are some key facts that you absolutely ...
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Cover letter for veterinary assistant

Cover letter for veterinary assistant - example   Name and Surname of the applicant Street Name and Number Postcode and City Country MM/DD/YYYY   Name and Surname of the recipient HR Department Street Name and Number Postcode and City Country Dear  Sir, Madam,     I’m looking for a position as a veterinary assistant and that is why I’m writing this cover letter today. I noticed in the Newsweek Star, your ...
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Formal invitaton letter format and wording

Formal invitation letter is very common in social and business correspondence. Formal invitation letter in English language is quite simple and easy to write. Important part is to know what exact purpose of your letter is. Is it invitation to attend a birthday party, a formal gala, a wedding? Formal visa invitation letter Formal gala dress ball invitation ...
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Useful phrases and vocabulary for writing business or formal letters

Useful phrases and vocabulary for writing business or formal letters are always good to keep on mind. In formal letters we use formal vocabulary and complex sentence structure. You should not use contractions and it is advised to avoid phrasal verbs. Also you need to make sure to format letter appropriately. Important factor in the readability of ...
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Formal letter format and structure

Formal letter is sometimes referred to as official letter. It is frequently used form in written communication for official purposes. Most common formal letters are : a formal letter of complaint, a formal letter to request something, a job application letter, a formal thank - you note, a formal invitation, etc. There are some strict rules in ...
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